Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Drunk Girl in Harlem on a Friday Night

The ever-charming Robert Whaley

When I last posted I indicated that I was bringing my visiting friend Tony to see New York's most treasured good time band: The Niagaras. They were playing at the Dinosaur BBQ which is a great place, and right across the street from the historic Cotton Club. Cool, yes?

That's the only photo of me you'll see from this night - pre-indulgence

So off we went to meet my friend Josh to have dinner beforehand. And I got to meet a friend of Josh's, Emily, who was just a peach and though she had to leave before the band got going, she is coming to see them with me next time they play. Isn't that correct Emily?

Josh loves the BBQ which is why we opted to eat there. He and Tony were loving the down-home cookin' meat products. A barbeque restaurant may not be the best place for a vegan (me) to find a fabulous meal, but there are a couple of things on the menu that are safe. I decided I wasn't all that hungry so I just had a side of simmered collard greens - because I LOVE collard greens. Unfortunately that's all I had... and not much of it at that. This was my first mistake.

But oh my it was fun.

It was also just a smidge embarrassing. For ME anyway!

I'm sure I've mentioned here from time to time that I don't really drink, haven't really since I started taking Zoloft and even for some time before that. Alcohol being a depressant and me having been pretty damned depressed enough without assistance; alcohol was not difficult to pass up. When I saw my doctor for my annual check-up last year I mentioned that I would love to have a margarita in Mexico - she told me it was perfectly okay to have an occasional drink, and that it would not interfere with my medication. She was right. I have had a drink from time to time with no ill effects.

But then...

Let's just say I'm not good with moderation in ANYTHING. I'm particularly not good with it when it involves something delicious that is making me too giddy to realize it's hitting me like a ton of bricks until it's all too late.

The instrument of my over-indulgence was Dogfishhead Raison D'Etre. Say hello. And now say good-bye 'cause that shit goes down far to quickly and is far too powerful. (It really is delicious though.... no, Joy, bad Joy, no, no nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!)

Dessert at Dinosaur BBQ - bannana pudding with a fun T-Rex cookie...
and a can of PBR.

The Niagaras

Somewhere in the second set I do believe that ton of bricks (delicious beer) decided to start descending on me. I grabbed Tony to dance and yes, big fun. Sometime along the trip home I realized it was not simply a ton of bricks but more like a 4 story building. OOPS. Lesson learned: stick with club soda like I usually do!

We all grabbed cabs and headed home where I do believe I continued talking for some hours after my poor friend had fallen asleep. I get very chatty and very friendly (let's call it that - you figure it out) when I drink. Sadly what I don't get is sleepy. Ah well. Luckily I don't mind talking to myself. Lord knows I do it all the time! (Just ask my dog!)

The thing about this night that was so wonderful was that despite the fact that I drank like I was a stupid 17 year old is that I was with people I absolutely adore, indulging in my favorite thing in the world (The Niagaras) and knowing that no matter how silly I may have gotten, or (god forbid, sloppy - ouch!) that it was all okay. It was all okay because I was happy, and alive and it was FUN.

Before my illness was controlled by medication I could have been in this same situation, same amount to drink, and I would likely have ended up doing something not only embarrassing but dangerous and the odds are good that it would have led to a spiraling of mania and depression that would have concluded in a few weeks with my longing looks at an Exact-o knife and a desire to kill myself. Yeah. Trust me, been there, done that. And I must point out that while a drink here and there is what my doctor 'okayed' what I did was pushing the limit for someone with my history of mania and depression. Stoopid!

Luckily for me I am in a very, VERY good place in terms of my mental health and I have learned how great life is and that I can forgive myself what I would certainly forgive in others and above all I can laugh at myself and know that when all is said and done everything is an adventure and everything we do good or bad or even embarrassing is all part of that adventure. And if you can have The Niagaras playing while it's going on - you've got it made!

Y'all come with me next time - ya hear? (The club sodas are on me!)


Josh said...

Those were some good times!

Joy said...

Indeed. Indeed.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I'm glad it turned out ok and that you had a great time.

With all the meds I'm on one beer gets me good and buzzed. I tend not to drink much anymore. I am a cheap drunk though.

Gary said...

Sorry I missed this.

I am loving the NYC pictures you are taking. Do you happen to know the back story behind all of these cabs with the flowers painted on their hoods? I see them everywhere!

Joy said...

Whim - picture you and me at a Rave. lol

Gary - next time DON'T miss it!! :)
I don't know about the cabs, but I'm dead curious - and they look soooo purty!

Salty Miss Jill said...

JoeMyGod just posted something about the taxi cab flowers...he seems to know.

Yeah, I hear you with the moderation thing. My psych told me that the occiasinal drink with Lexapro was fine...but two years ago, I heard that as 'it's fine to get blind drunk twice a week instead of my usual four times'. Than I wondered why I was more depressed than ever.

Things are MUCH better now. I'm so happy that they are for you, too, sweetie! :)

Joy said...

Miss Jill - alcohol really can wipe out the good effects of meds! So many people with depression self-medicate with alcohol not seeing that once you get over that initial 'uplift' it only brings you to a worse state of depression.

I'm keeping my big indulgences down to a moderate once every five years. I think that's okay. :)