Friday, September 07, 2007

The time has come the walrus said....

I am still sick. I canceled my doctor's appointment the other day because my temperature went down, and I felt better. But though I do feel better I'm still coughing like a Victorian consumptive and feeling kinda woozy. Though I think that will continue to improve if I can keep myself in check and rest more. *sigh* The resting is a problem because now that I feel a bit better I feel compelled to do things. Things like cleaning, going through photographs and putting them in some reasonable order, hanging wall ornaments from Mexico, throwing out expired bottles of vitamins, doing dreaded paperwork of all kinds. It's not like it's manual labor, but it's not exactly relaxing. But I can't help feeling I need to get things done.

See I have company coming next Friday. Someone I haven't seen in a billion years and naturally I want to make a good impression. You know how that goes. Trouble with me is that instead of focusing on simply making a good impression as an overall effect I have to get into nitty gritty clean-ups and organizings. It's just how I roll. I've always been more concerned with how tidy my closets, drawers and cabinets are than how neat things are on the outside.

Which is dandy. Until you're trying to recover from a nasty summer cold AND clean AND organize hundreds of photographs.

I do seem to enjoy a challenge, don't I?

Now it's not like this guy is some kind of crazed judgmental clean freak or anything like that. He's actually a bit of a collector and keeper, like me, so it's not like I'm worried he'll think I'm gunning to be the next Collyor or anything. I sure as hell don't think he's going to be making judgment calls on me. This fella knows things about me that people should simply not know, and he STILL likes me. So I feel okay about that, which in itself is pretty huge for me. But I do want things to be as nice, welcoming, comfortable and as pulled together as possible so I can let go of it: not worry about it being a mess and just focus on hanging with him and doing some serious catching up and some serious laughing. Because if there's one thing he does well (and there are many things he does well) it's make me laugh. Which has been a problem with this cold because every time I speak with him I have to consciously suppress my natural laughter or risk a wild coughing fit. Ah well, if that's the worst complaint I guess I should just hush mah mouth.

I'm really tired though and despite having so many things I want to get done in the next week, I think I need to crawl back into bed and sleep, sleep, sleep. Seems this sleeping thing really does do wonders for the healing. I'm finding that after a few hours of sleep I generally feel better. GO FIGURE! Who knew????

So it's back to bed for me, at least for a little while.

But first: I want to bring this post back around to the reference in its title: this weekend is the 30th Annual Norwalk Oyster Festival. If you love oysters or are a Walrus (or a Carpenter for that matter) and in Connecticut this weekend, you'll want to stop by on Saturday, September 8th because, yes, yes, New York's favorite band is making an appearance! The Niagaras will be at the Oyster Fest (and taking over, I have no doubt) on Saturday at 5PM. The full schedule of performers and their appearance times is here. If you can get over there, you know I highly recommend it. I'm sure it will be more than you expect. I have never seen them perform in an outdoor setting so I can only imagine the good-natured mayhem that will ensue in the light of day. Go. See them - tell 'em Joy sent ya. Do it for the sick woman in New York. Then get back to me and let me know how much fun I missed.


Junk Thief said...

Aw, poor baby, hope you're better soon. My administrative assistant called me today to explain that she figured out why she's been sick so much lately -- baby # 2 is coming in April!

Well, you may never want me as a house guest. I am a keeper, collector and clean freak. I seem to spend much more time dusting than dating these days. But the place will be spotless when the time is right.

Joy said...

Oy JT! I'm happy to say my 'sick' is not going to result in a baby!! Yikes! I have enough trouble with a dog and a cat!

um... speaking of dusting, if you ever feel like helping out a dust-challenged buddy you know where to come visit! :)

Salty Miss Jill said...

Feel better, darlin'! :)

Sounds like you'll have a fantastic time with your visitor. The ones that love you in spite of and sometimes because of the weird stuff are the truest of freinds. :) You're fortunate to have someone like that!


Gary said...

You are so funny. I can see you on your death bed eeking out your last words; the Niagras are playing at the Rodeo bar on Friday. Go see it because I won't be able to...make...it______________.

Joy said...

Miss Jill - it's true. he's a peach, it's going to be great fun!

Gary - this too is true! I tell ya, when I like something...