Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Welll Hellllllooooooo

I have been so remiss in keeping this blog current! Feel my sorrow. Feel my shame! Nah. Not really. But I do feel I'm shirking my self-imposed blogging duties and I do miss throwing my gibberish onto the 'net! Whether anyone else misses it or not is anyone's guess.

My friend Tony has been here since Friday and yes, to those who were wondering: I DID get my apartment into a very tidy and habitable space very nearly suitable for guests! Go me!

Though originally from New York, he hasn't been here in over a decade so I thought it would be nice to meet him at the airport rather than leaving him to fend for himself - lord knows the man could find his way into Manhattan from Laguardia airport, but I thought it would be the more 'good hostess' thing to do to meet him. Miss Manners is very pleased with me.

Because I thought it would make everything smoother, I arranged for a car service to pick us up at the airport (to avoid the taxi line). This, as one might imagine, turned out to be a BAD idea. I'm never using Dial7 cars again. Just putting that out there. They fucked up but good.

For those who have not used a car service airport pick-up before this is how it works. You make a reservation, get a confirmation number, and when you arrive at the airport and are ready to be picked up you call the service number and you give them a description of what you're wearing so the driver can spot you, they tell you where your car will meet you and they give you a car number so you can spot the car.

Tony's flight arrived a little earlier than scheduled: YAY! I called the service and got the information we needed: YAY! We went where we were told the car would meet us in 5-7 minutes which was the exact reservation time scheduled: YAY! We looked for the car number we were given, 925, and this is where the "YAY!" turned into WTF???

When the car didn't show up in 15 minutes I called back. After being on hold for FAR too long I was told that our car, now number 2135 (yeah, exactly) would meet us at a DIFFERENT location. Okay, we moved to the new pick-up location. Still no car. I called back. The woman on the phone INSISTED that the car was there. It was not. I was put on hold again. Still no car.

I was disconnected. Nice.

I called back. Now Joy is not so nice.

I was PISSED!!! I told them I was canceling the reservation. The woman on the phone asked me to wait, she would give my cell number to the driver who would call me momentarily. *SIGH* Fine.

The driver called. He had no clue where we were, it sounded like he had a) never been to the airport, b) was high as a kite. There was no way I was getting into that car even if he showed up.

Less than 4 minutes later we got in a cab and were home in 12 minutes.

So much for trying to make things run smoother.

The only good part about it is that it gave Tony instant fodder to goof on me for the rest of his visit... if not longer. I suppose I was a little hysterical on the phone. A little stereotypical pissed off New Yorker. Thankfully he's a very chillin' individual and was completely unstressed by my hissy fit, or the wait. God love 'im.

What's funny is that had I been on my own, and had the car been for me alone, I wouldn't have gotten quite so angry. I would have been annoyed, sure, but I probably wouldn't have been screaming into the phone and it's unlikely my voice would have dropped 3 octaves into dangerously angry territory had it not been for the fact that this was something I was doing for someone else. I'm not nearly so good at sticking up for myself when it's just for me. When it's for someone else, I can be very tough and boy did I lose my temper. For myself? I'm pretty much a jellyfish.

But all in all it worked out. My dear friend is here for the rest of the week. We went to the San Gennaro festival yesterday and plowed through a huge bag of zeppoles in record time. We're going to have to go back and get some more because really, you cannot have too many zeppoles. And his delight at being in Little Italy again was too sweet to not give it a second go-round.

I'll post some more soon: honest! But right now I have company and I have promised to make a batch of pumpkin muffins - so I've got to get into the kitchen and get to work. They aren't zeppoles, but I can only do what I can do.

Life is pretty much wonderful, wouldn't you say?

At least it's wonderful when your car service isn't dicking you around.

Yeah. I'm still a little pissed. So sue me.


Junk Thief said...

When I lived in New York in the late 1980s to early 1990s, I'd use car services, and a nice old gentleman from Queens or Long Island City would show up at 6 a.m. in his meticulously scrubbed 1975 Lincoln Town Car with cherry air freshener. These old guys usually had colorful and entertaining stories, debunking the myth about how rude and cold native New Yorkers are.

I used a similar service on a recent trip, and the same Town Car, equally well scrubbed albeit ancient and now with tinted windows arrived at 5 a.m. A guy in a K-mart suit and Just-for-Men tinted hair was waiting for me in the vacant hotel lobby greeting me with "Yo, are you Mr. B______?"

No friendly banter with this guy as he spoke in a low, mysterious tone into his cell phone. I was sure I'd end up at the bottom of the East River instead of at the United terminal, but it all worked out. But from now on I'll just wait in the cab line.

Tony said...

Jeez... Lighten up, lady...

marxsny said...

When I was travelling back and forth between Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn and my hotel in Manhattan I used Legend Car Service many times and never had a problem with them. Always on time always got me there early. (718-788-1234, 718-643-6635 I still have the numbers in my organizer) Many of the big firms who aren't about to put up with crappy service use them, if that tells you anything. Glad the visit is going well.

kimy said...

no worries...your 'public' will be here...do find houseguests great a wonderful excuse/reason to hide the clutter and create space that pleases (if not them, oneself!)

re last post...your blog IS NOT BORING.... what's that they say about people who state they are bored....
btw love the 2nd cat pic...what a look!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I'm so glad that you are having fun!

Um, what's a zeppoles?

Joy said...

A zeppole is a fried dough ball dusted with confectioner's sugar. They are to die for!!