Friday, September 21, 2007


I realized after Whim asked about zeppoles that it is possible that other people, from different areas, might not have ever experienced the simple doughy goodness that is a zeppole. So since Tony and I were heading back to the San Gennaro festival to pick up some things we missed the first time I made sure to get photos.

This was the zeppole stand with the best deal. Tip for first-timers at San Gennaro - always scope all the booths first for the best zeppole prices. You WILL want as many as you can get. Trust me!

They are the simplest things, just straightforward dough plain and simple (though they can be doctored up with things like ricotta cheese - I'm a plain zeppole type of gal) that are dropped into a big ol' vat of boiling oil, fished out when they get brown and puffy, popped into a brown paper bag with a big cup of confectioner's sugar and shaken until all the little zepps are coated.

some pre-fried zeppoles waiting for their sugar shower

Then you reach into the bag and experience an oil, sugar and carb delight. You also end up doing what I like to call the 'zeppole brush-off' - while holding the bag in one hand, the partially bitten zeppole in the other hand, you attempt to brush the blizzard of sugar that now covers the front of your shirt. Everyone does it, it's kind of funny - I do recommend wearing light colored clothing while eating zeppoles at a street fair - black is a real rookie mistake. Look like a pro - dress light.

Since I'm all veganny now there were limits on what I could get to eat at the fair - but one thing (aside from the zeppoles) available to me was chocolate covered strawberries. Oh man. Just fabulous. Really big, really sweet strawberries dipped in dark chocolate and skewered on a stick. They also dipped marshmallows and pineapple chunks. The strawberries, however, seem the best way to go.

Another great way to go is Italian Ices.
Here Tony holds our ices. He went all lemon.

Oh my GOD I have not had an Italian ice in so long I can't even make a guess. But I do know that my alltime favorite is a scoop of lemon and a scoop of chocolate mixed together. Helllo paradise! Do not accept any Italian ice that is served to you in a plastic cup, god forbid they should give you a spoon - sacrilege! Ices must be had in accordioned paper cups that can be unfolded as you read the end so you can lick every last precious drop from the folds. This is mandatory. No really, do not bypass this essential step in attempts to look dignified. Screw dignified! Lick that paper cup! *sigh* A good Italian ice on a hot day is a treat you should not take lightly.

And now enough of this San Gennaro rhapsodizin'. It's time to go see the Niagaras. I'm so happy they are playing tonight while Tony is in town - needless to say I'm taking him. He will love them - or I will be a monkey's uncle. Which, really, would be hard to do. Being an only child and all. And a woman. And not a monkey (as far as I know).


Junk Thief said...

The Italian ices are available all over San Francisco, but I'm not sure even zeppoles are in North Beach. A good reason to plan a trek there.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Thanks for enlightening me as to what zeppoles are. I suppose I could have looked it up but it was more fun to hear you talk about them.

Oh and thanks for the clothing tip! I'll be sure and wear light clothing when I try them.

Gary said...

Yum, Yum and not a big fan of chocolate!

Happily Anonymous said...

Well... now I know what zeppoles are.

And they sound tasty to me.

kimy said...

I do believe I just put on a couple pounds from this post... zeppoles are like what greeks call loukoumades - I guess every ethnic group has it's version of what I call "fat pills"