Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Taste of New York - right now and tomorrow!

I had a request (from Gary - you can blame him) that I post more of my photos of New York. Though I don't have a posting that suits the odd variety of photos I thought I'd pop 'em up here in a slide show. This will hopefully entertain while keeping any nagging at a minimum. Oh stop, I'm just joshin'!

Speaking of New York and its many wonders: tomorrow, Wednesday, October 3, The Niagaras are playing a rare mid-week show, 9:30pm. They'll be at a really nice downtown space called GROOVE. There's no cover! Good God will the insanity never cease? So much fun - so free!! You want a taste of New York? Come see them play.

I'll be there - I hope you will too!

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Gary said...

I really do love the shots you take of New York City. You really highlight some of the diversity and magic that colors this town. I remember coming to NYC to live soooo many years ago and the excitement I felt back then is evident in your pictures. There really is no place like NYC! Keep the pics coming.