Friday, January 25, 2008

The Great Search

When I first started this blog I was greatly enamored of following the stats. The where and why. Where readers came from, geographically as well as from what sites and the why, what search terms would pull up my little blog.

As time went on I stopped obsessing on the wheres and whys and my hit counts, but every now and again I like to peek in and see what brings people in. For your entertainment you will find below a list of the most recent terms that brought people here via google. Some are amusing, some are practical and some are quite frightening (as in the crush fetish folk who I have had coming in since the beginning - and if you do not know what that particular fetish is: I suggest you relish your ignorance and don't look into it. I'm extremely open minded, but I find this horrific. The fact that my blog's title brings these people in disturbs me immensely.)

And so, aside from the creep factor, here's my list of current search terms copied directly from my record keeping account.

Hey, it was this or more photos of my haircut! Or more depressing: Dennis Kucinich dropping out of the presidential race. We're doomed.... Okay, on with the amusements!

killer animal high heels crush
you're not the boss of me
who has a crush on me for kids
guerlain mitsuko 9
coping sorrow
what does damn straight mean
robert whaley myspace
the niagaras
i smoke too
the niagaras and whaley
coping with a friend moving away
i love high heel crush
high heel crushing
playa del carmen brazilian wax
fetish crush cockroach
dreaming of dead people coming to life
crush cat fetish
pictures of dogs eating cupcakes
crushing gold fish with high heels
robert whaley niagaras
mayan sacrifice playa del carmen tattoo
crushing hard things to put on aim profiles
brazilian wax
crush feet
dream my crush on that already dead
photos of italian zeppoles
can dogs eat potato chips?
who has a crush on me
cheese wax bags
brazilian waxing pictures
how much do i tip for brazilian wax?
how much tip wax brazilian
cockroach crushed with boots
weird crush meme
crush platform shoe
can dogs eat potato chips
naked boys unaware
woman in high heels that crush things
a poem for someone you've got a crush on
brazilian wax opinion
i curse your sudden but inv
treny shoes for less
got a crush, what to do?
fear makes me sleepy
high heel human crush
gary sandy addiction
hows got a crush on me
who do you got a crush on
cockroach heel shoes
will me and my crush get together
you re not the boss of me now
synthroid, pink
she was alone at the cottage
lunesta hotel playa del carmen
adoptme nyc
scary fortunes
platform shoe crush
how much do you tip for brazilian wax
bra fitting party iowa
dinosaur bbq harlem dangerous
how to make zeppoles
high heel boot crush
sleep picture oh, come to m
it's the little thing's
kookie you tube
before and after pictures of brazilian wax
drunk girls pics blogspot
brazilian wax tip how much
my dog hates the rain
who has a crush on me?
fried zeppoles
cenote tulum
do having lucky bamboo stalks really cause death
live video in playa del carmen mexico
you're not the boss of me at work
pigeon air shaft'
zeppoles prices at fairs
brazilian hot wax how
'brazilian waxed'
feng shui lucky bamboo plant direction corner home kept
read the bible christian masturbate roommate
gary mango
ambien crush
how much to tip a brazilian wax?
conch shells found in playa del carmen
robert whaley band
my teacher crushed on me
what color to dye your hair
brazilian waxing - procedure tipping what happens
thanksgiving in nyc 2008
charlie chaplin perfume
mitsuko perfume charlie chaplin's favorite
tattoo san gennaro
ive got a little crush for me
dont follow the pack vote your consience
cartoon zzzzz
salon leg waxing vegan
wax on wax off xxx
dancing dog, nh
aw hell no what's u
dog hates rain
how to photos brazilian wax
john edwards dye hair
joe's apartment playa del carmen
fourth grade wears shoe size
playa del carma,mexico blogs
bella's live journal
kids lazy tavern
carmen's got a crush on you
but me ive gotta
charlie chaplin on mitsouko
newspaper ink and headaches
vote against jury duty
men's stripper trousers
step by step pictures brazilian wax
vegan movie popcorn
ambien with klonepin
crush gym trainer
how can you tell if someone has got a crush
embarrassing drunk girl
how to heal don't deserve to be happy
dogs eat fortune cookies
secret to movie popcorn
who has a crush on me for kids
steps for hoarders
free comic goat pictures
captain lafitte playa del carmen
joy keaton
depression losing trust in yourself
fortune cookie phases for kids
waiting for a girl we get drunk on friday nights
smoking got to me
deal me in mama needs a new pair of choos
ccsi cleaning
high heel shoe crushing
tulum cenote
zeppoles online
crush cockroach killer
photos of brazlian waxing
what's good to eat on friday night
having a crush on a climbing guide
derek jacobi crush
bay area bra fitting
are potato chips good for dogs
playa del carmen and body paint
flip flops crush
caffeine in celery
why won't my crush talk to me on myspace
makes of car mitsouko
2008 the niagaras
brazilian wax pro
dreams of dead people
crush on teacher stories


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Interesting list.

I get the crush fetish people too.

BetteJo said...

"photos of brazlian waxing" - Ha! I'm sure they were disappointed you did not post pics!
Oh, and remind me to never ever ever use the word crush on my blog. I wish I DIDN'T know what it was. E-e-e-w-w!

Joy Keaton said...

Whim - wacky, huh?

Bettejo - I'm sure they'd have been MORE disappointed if I had posted the pix! ;)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

You have an award at my place.