Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yeah Right

I seem to recall recently saying I'd be blogging more regularly. Um. Okay.

I really have to watch what I commit myself to, don't I?

Truly, you'd LOVE the posts I've written in my head. They've been fabulous. Sadly they never seem to make it past my pillow.

What has been taking up my time? Good question. I believe what they call it, and I could be wrong, but I think it's called Ye Olde MIDLIFE CRISES. This is not to say that I think I'm at the absolute half-way mark on my life, because being a scant 29 years old that would just be sad. Midlife crises just seems the best label I can put on it, so I'm going with it for now. If you actually buy that I'm 29, first: I love you forever, second: I would like to show you a lovely bridge I have for sale that connects Manhattan to Brooklyn - I'll give you a great price!

I'm spending ridiculous amounts of time at the gym, quitting (mostly successfully) smoking, doing wacky things to my face that I never thought I would (more on that later), and cutting my hair. Not that cutting my hair is such an aberration for me, but I figure, why not throw it on the pile of changed behavior and see how high we can take said pile.

Here's the new hair. I did this two weeks ago and it's already gotten long enough that I want a trim.


Monday I re-upped with my fabulous trainer, Rafael. He was having a sale of sorts and I could not resist. Plus I need the kick-start of a former marine to really push me to spend even MORE time at the gym. And I have missed our chats. So I saw him Tuesday and my arms still hurt. Now THAT's what I'm talkin' about!

Last night Miss X's Mom and I did a volunteer gig through New York Cares playing Bingo at a nursing home. Hello hilarious! The co-ordinator sat me down at a table with four women and one of them said "WE don't need her!" The coordinator left me with these hostile scary old ladies and I had no recourse but to try to charm them. Seemed to work. The one who was snarling "we don't need her" turned out to be the funniest chick in a walker. She is a 'baaaaad girl' and clearly exactly how I'm going to turn out when I reach her age. She's a wise-ass and outspoken and a flirt and FUNNY. I will not repeat what she said when O69 was called. You can figure it out. Sadly she did not win a single game of Bingo last night. She was *that* close on more than one game, but that stinking G51 just wouldn't come up. Grrrr.

Other fun I've been involved in includes scanning old photographs into my computer so I can post them as well as chuck the old crackling Polaroids. I'm on a CHUCK EVERYTHING tear once again. Every time I can't get at what I want in a closet or cabinet I realize that I still have far too much STUFF. I'm really stuffed with stuff. I want it gone. But it is always a slow process.

I've been thinking about deep issues and things I want to write and what does this post turn into? Blather. Ah well. Blame it on my mid-life crises!


Salty Miss Jill said...

I LOVE THAT HAIR! Your eyes look huge and your gorgeous smile is the center of attention. Just so effin' adorable, you are. :)

Maybe when we are old ladies, we can play bingo together and crack on everyone.

Gary said...

Oh, pretty, pretty! I can't wait to see it in person (finally) tonight at your birthday dinner.

As for the bingo ladies - I think I would have enjoyed that one. You know how I love to flirt.

Bella said...

Your hair is sassy! I love it. Sometimes it takes a change like that to jumpstart everything else.

Good for you on the no smoking front -- my quit day is the 29th. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Yes to the new 'do. Perhaps a weekly hair shot will do for when you're running short on words.

Good luck with the "destuffing," an eternal act for me as well.

BetteJo said...

Well now, that haircut is very close to mine - so of course I think it's fabulous! And it looks great on you, suits your face I think. :)
But - what is it about winter and frigid temps that make us want to make our ears more vulnerable to frostbite? Hmmm.

Joy Keaton said...

oooooh you're all so good for my ego. Thank you!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I love the haircut!

At least you are using your crisis for something positive.

georgiamars said...

What kind of scanner did you get? I have so many great old photos, and I really want to start putting them on-line.

The bingo lady cracked me up. I am glad you had a good time.

And nice haircut. I don't know how old you are, but you have really nice skin.

: )