Sunday, March 23, 2008


It's bunny day! Flowers and chocolate, colored eggs, ducklings and most of all: bunnies!
That's me... oh my god was I ever that thin? (More unsettling: were my glasses REALLY that big???) With my extreme Alpha Bunny, Henry Miller. C'mon you know Henry Miller is a PERFECT name for a bunny. You're only jealous I thought of it first.

Henry was a riot. He was not a cuddly bunny by any means and this is one of only two photos I have of me holding him. He was three pounds of hard-ass bunny rabbit. Very in-charge. He'd move rugs, furniture, no seriously! He was tiny, but very strong. And very, very dominant.

When Henry was four years old Basil arrived. And that "tough as nails, do as I say, bee-otch" bunny rabbit turned into a... well... a fluffy bunny. At least with Basil.
Henry's cage was always opened so he could run around the apartment. He used a litter box and was extremely clean - seriously, bunnies are really super good about using a litter box, sometimes better than cats. The cage was more his 'room' than a cage. When you're only three pounds it's nice to have a place you can hide out.
When Basil was really small (25 lbs) he could go into the cage with Henry... it was surreal and sadly I don't have any photos of it. This was back in '96 and I was using disposable cameras, not the most reliable things.
Basil's a little too big to fit at this point, but you get the idea. I think he was truly disconcerted that he couldn't get in the cage any more to hang out with his 'big' brother, Henry.

Sadly, Henry passed away when he was only 5 years old. Basil was a year old and he was as confused as can be. He looked everywhere for Henry for months after he died. Heart breaking really. For both of us. I loved that damned, ornery rabbit. And he loved Basil. Picture a three-pound dwarf rabbit chasing a pitbull-mix puppy around a one bedroom NYC apartment. Oh yes people, welcome to my wacky world.

When I saw this photo I thought instantly of the late, great Henry B. [Bunny] Miller. This is his personality in a nutshell.
It was only a few months after Henry died that we found Nick out on the street. Basil needed a friend. Of course most of the time he acts all high and mighty, ignoring Nick's pleas for attention (at least when I'm around and watching). But sometimes I catch them like this:

Summing up my thoughts on this Springtime holiday, my favorite sexy tranny, Eddie Izzard:

Think it through.

And one final thought. Be good to your Peeps. Treat them with love and affection. If you're not careful they could end up like this, working at the Ultimate "Peep" Show:

Thanks to Whim for sending me this and giving me the best laugh of the day.


Gary said...

Oh Henry! What a great rabbit. Of course this brings back memories of my classroom bunny - Princess. I had her for the first six years I taught. She hopped around the classroom all day, chewing on my books and trying to get to the electrical cords. I loved having a pet in the class although she was a lot of work.

I love the 'peep' show and I also just noticed that picture of Basil "Got Balls?" LOL.

Happy Easter and welcome Spring!

whimsical brainpan said...

Henry was so cute! Sounds like he was a great bunny.

LMAO @ the Happy Easter pic.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

what great posts you have here - I adore the old pictures - yes, scanners are fun and much better than doing ones taxes. oh the fashion statements we made in our youth!

hoppy, hoppy!

Joy Keaton said...

Gary - I looked for pictures of Princess, I know I have some, but alas who knows where they are? It's funny... princess was more like you, Henry was more like me!

Whim - Henry was great, and led to a most embarrassing story at the vet. Perhaps I'll post it sometime...

Mouse - I must emphasize again that the overalls were not MY doing. I'll take responsibility for the other stuff, but not the blue corduroy overalls! NOOOOO!