Friday, March 14, 2008

A game, a chaw and a good book

Last Sunday I did something I've never done before. Something I certainly never thought I'd do. But as my life, especially since deciding not to kill myself over three years ago, has been a series of 'you did WHAT?' It seemed appropriate to say "yes" to my friend's, Miss X's Mom, invitation to attend a --- wait for it....... HOCKEY game!

Yes. Me. The hater of organized sports. I went to a hockey game at Madison Square Garden where the closest thing to a sporting event I have ever attended is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. I've never understood the social phenomenon of attending a game, watching a game, or having anything whatsoever to do with organized sports. If someone you know (personally) is playing, or YOU are playing, or you have money on it, these are reasons I can understand. But being a sports fan or following it in any way shape or form is something that is [still] lost on me. To each his own and all, but it's just not something I understand. But Miss X's Mom persuaded me with a strong argument, a) there would be 4 of us chicks (all of whom are hilarious - me included, a-hem) and b) there's a LOT of testosterone at these things.


I have to say the sight of me attending something like this had to be hilarious. I mean really. Luckily I spoke with Miss X's Mom before we met and that conversation got me to thinking that maybe I shouldn't wear a dress. Yeah. It's that bad. So jeans it was... and a kimono jacket. Because you know, I like to fit in.

If you have ever attended any concert or event at Madison Square Garden you know it is a MOB scene. It's simply huge. And crazy. People, people... manners, eh? Seriously. When the management puts up a sign like this during the event you know there's good times a-brewin'.
Aside from my fish out of water status, and its accompanying humor to 'the regulars' - like the guys in front of us who apparently got a big kick out of me asking whether the guys swarming out of the box onto the ice were 'allowed to do that?' and 'why are these Boston guys so damned aggressive? there's no need to be like that - play nice' and such, there was the people watching. When we first arrived we noticed this guy, Number 15. He had a 'let's make a day of it' set-up - part of which was the chaw. As you can see.
Not something you see at my usual haunts. I mean, really. When was the last time someone was chewing tobacco at a museum or a Broadway show? Exactly.

I was also amazed by the clothing choices. Seriously. Are all these people ON the teams? What's with the jersey's? I just don't get it. But hey, what do I know?

Then there's the phenomenon of 'my boyfriend wanted to come here'. Now I'm all for doing things with your significant other. Even if it's not something you're into yourself - at least some of the time. You know, to be supportive and all. But the tickets to these things are just as expensive as Broadway shows, these ain't $5 seats here people, and if you are going to go along to get alone - why not BE THERE? This scene went on for the entire game. Apparently the young lady was really into her book - must've been a page turner. Or maybe she was studying massage therapy? Because she was rubbing her fella's head the entire time. I don't pet Basil that much... Call me crazy, but if I was seeing someone who wanted to bring me to see something he was into (though God KNOWS it's SERIOUSLY unlikely that anyone I'd be dating would want to bring me to one of these things) I'd make the effort to actually pay attention. But maybe that's why I'm not seeing anyone... hmmm. Nah. Couldn't be.

Something else I'd never seen before (what a day of 'firsts' this turned out to be!) was beer in plastic bottles. You heard me. PLASTIC BOTTLES. I love beer. Good beer any way. (Look, I'm half Irish, half Polish - if it's not potatoes, it's beer. It's GENETIC, okay?) Because I like good beer: I have not had a Bud, or Bud Light, since sometime in the 80s. As one of the women described it - "it's seltzer water with a vague beer flavoring." But when in Rome and all. Plus, now I can say I've drunk beer from a plastic bottle at a hockey game. Which goes a long way with me as a comment like that is something fun to pull out of your ass in a conversation about, say, global warming or Henry Miller.

All this is not to say I didn't have a good time - because I certainly did. Will I go to another? It's not so likely, but you never know. Never say never and all that. As a unique experience, and something to add to my 'been there, done that' list it was a hoot and a half. Many thanks to Miss X's Mom for inviting me - and to the other 'No Sex in the City' ladies for making it a really fun time.

NOW... more to my usual tastes. The Niagaras are playing tonight at a brand new venue: The National Underground! So really, if you're in (or near) New York City this fine Friday evening you should come by and see! Listen, if I can go to a hockey game, you can certainly come see The Niagaras. And I promise - nobody will be chewing tobacco, reading a book or drinking out of plastic bottles DURING the show... at least, I don't think they will...


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Sounds like a you had a great time.

As a sports fan (well football anyway) team jerseys are worn to show your undying support. They are sacred items of clothing.

Joy Keaton said...

Ahhhhh. Okay, I see. Thanks!

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

And to think you were recently going to the opera for the first time. You get around! Glad you protected the identity of #15. He looks kinda fragile little flower, and I'd hate to have his feelings hurt over the internet.v

Joy Keaton said...

Greg, you know I live to try new things. Though I'm pretty certain I'm gonna pass on sharin' chaw with Lucky #15. Who, should he see this, I hope will know that I meant no offense, I just found the whole thing fascinating!