Friday, March 28, 2008

When Two Obsessions Meet

My personality type is a OCD, I guess is a good way to put it. When I find something that interests me I will study the hell out of it until I am sick of it. It is not an intervention-like reveal to say here that I'm ever so slightly 'into' The Niagaras, but now I've discovered (via Miss X's Mom) the wonders of editing movies together. I have done a bit of throwing pictures or videos together to show here, but nothing with any sort of finesse or great forethought - except to get a laugh (see my Mexico vids for that!) But the other day I watched while MX's M did some editing ('n I helped!) and it got me crazy fired up; because she's awfully good at it.

So put this little guy together (because God KNOWS I don't need to do my taxes or anything... notice the lengths to which I will go to avoid said taxes.)

In addition to the fun of movie-makin' (if I even dare call it that... what is up with compressing these things? I know my bitty little digital camera isn't the highest tech in the world, but this stuff looks so much better at home than on the 'net that I'm finding it beyond irksome. Any suggestions on how to fix that issue are welcome.) I have rediscovered the wonders that procrastination can do for the cleanliness of my apartment! You could EAT off my floors! Maybe I should regrout the tub... hmmmm.

I've got until April 15th, right?



bellasboldbrilliantblog said...

I've found a ton of interests while procrastinating on grading, so I can totally relate.

Oh, and I still need to do my taxes, too, but since I know I owe, I'm in no huge rush.

Love the editing. Keep it up.

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

My name is Gregg, and I am OCD too! Too many interests, too many unfinished projects where I say that if they can't be perfect, why try.

Keep it up with the movies. i say they are indeed movies, and the best films are made on the sly with a little camera you can slip into your pocket and capture a great moment.

Joy Keaton said...

Bella - isn't it amazing how interesting cleaning windows gets - when you should be doing something else? Usually said something has a due date... but those last 12 hours or so before the cut-off time - look out! I know it's a bad habit left over from school. I never wrote a term paper (or any paper for that matter) more than a 1/2 day before it was due - but I always ended up with an B+ or an A which only rewarded my 'bad' habit!

Gregg - "Hi Gregg". ;) Not enough hours in the day, right? And perfection! Oy! That's a killer, ain't it?

Thanks re the movies. I am a huge fan of the candid moments. As soon as someone poses or 'acts' I tend to turn the camera off. ;)

BetteJo said...

I just sent off an email about some things I am compulsive about that make them more difficult!

And taxes? I usually have them done the day I get my tax documents in the mail. This year? Uh .. not quite. Sigh-h.