Friday, April 25, 2008

Lucy Lives (Part II)

Basil waited for the delivery guys to come back until he finally decided napping was the best option. This way he would have plenty of energy to 'help' when they got back. Smart doggie.

When I had to move the chair away from the window, he took up residence on the cushions from the old couch. Finally I had to move him into the bedroom so he wouldn't be underfoot during the treacherous window/couch delivery.

Remember the episode of I Love Lucy when George Reeves came to Little Ricky's birthday party? You know, the one where our intrepid heroine ended up on the ledge dressed as Superman?

I thought about that A LOT yesterday afternoon when the amazing delivery men were playing Spiderman Delivery service with my couch.

They came back as promised and also as promised they hauled that giant sofa through my window via the fire-escape! I have never seen anything quite like it in person. They were running up and down the stairs and popping in and out the window onto the fire-escape checking distances and angles. They wrapped the sofa in tons of plastic so it wouldn't get sooty or torn coming over the pigeon pooped-upon railings (and it was pristine when they unwrapped it).

I don't believe I breathed the entire time they were out there. I am so afraid of heights myself that I couldn't believe they were doing this. I mean circus acts should have nets people!

One of the guys stood out on the fire escape while the other two literally handed up the sofa from the street. He held it hanging over the railing - by himself! - while one of the guys who had handed it up ran up the steps into my apartment and scooted out to the fire escape to help him haul it in. Then that guy came back in through the window and the one who had been dangling over the edge actually climbed out onto the OUTSIDE of the fire escape and was pushing the couch in. All I could imagine was him falling off - and the incredible guilt I would feel - just for a silly couch! But he didn't fall! He was, I swear, Spiderman - swinging around the ladder, jumping up on the outer railing and all the while pushing and hoisting the couch! I cannot imagine they are paid enough for this kind of amazing work... unless they actually are super heros, and that could well be the case.

They got the couch into the apartment, unwrapped it like a fabulous Christmas present and put the legs on it - then asked me where I wanted it! Hello fellas, I think you've done more than enough here! The 'decorating' and placement are things I can damned well do myself - the couch is not heavy and moving furniture around the living room is not a hard job. Swinging that mutha in through the second-story window? THAT is a hard job.

I think I may have embarrassed them a bit with my extreme praise. Went something like:

HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS! HOLY SHIT!!! I can't believe you did that!

And so on for at least 5 minutes.

Of course, despite my admiration for these three genius delivery guys, I am a smart ass... and I had my 'line' ready from the time they left in the morning. Part of me thought it might be cruel... but part of me is my mother's daughter.

When they were done with the couch, unwrapped, legs on - prepping paperwork for me to sign: I did it.

I stroked the arm of the couch. Looked hard at it. Made a face and said to the fellow in charge: "This isn't the couch I ordered."

The look on his face was... well... I knew I had been too cruel.

"I'M just JOKING! I'm so sorry," I said. "I just couldn't resist!"

Thankfully they all laughed. Probably more from relief than anything.

Would Lucy have made that joke? Eh. Probably not. Lucy would have been out on the fire escape with them.

But until I get me a Ricky, I'm not really Lucy - and I don't need to go out on the ledge with Superman.

But if I keep it up, one day... oh God... one day....

In the meantime Basil has a new couch to chill out on.
And until I move it somewhere else, he can keep an eye on the window.


Anonymous said...

Nice new couch! I had my wall unit delivered today. And a new window!

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Congratulations. Now when do I get my invitation (and airfare) for the couch welcoming party? Kidding, of course, but I like the lines and color.

I had a similar drama when I got my big purple couch. I had to hire a contractor all the way from Santa Rosa to remove my entire window since it was an 1/8th of an inch to big to make it through the door. When I die or sell my place, the couch will have to stay unless someone has a chainsaw.

Bella said...

I love the new couch! It's retro and modern all at the same time.

Those delivery guys deserved a medal for all they did -- hopefully they got a good tip!

I'm so glad that it all worked out so well and you can relax on your new sofa.

whimsical brainpan said...

I love the couch!

LOL! I can't believe you did that to those poor guys. I'm glad they laughed. Actually, it sounds like something I would have said.

Gary said...

The couch looks fantastic! Wow, that was some process huh? I can imagine you delivering that line and how it went over. These are the times when a hidden camera would come in handy.

Looking forward to getting to know the couch a little better on May 17th (if not before).

Salty Miss Jill said...

Ooh, very nice. Great color, too. It must look fabulous with your red hair.

BetteJo said...

Oh yay, I love a happy ending. Great couch too!