Monday, May 05, 2008

Nervous much?

I do so enjoy doing things that scare the hell out of me. OR I should say I enjoy them after they are done. It's the nyah-nyah syndrome. But before I do 'em, oh lordy lordy do I suffer with the anxiety. And therefore everyone I know gets to suffer too! Ah, lucky them! Lucky YOU!

On Sunday, May 11th little miss tough-stuff over here is going to be having an anxiety-attack to beat the band. I'm going to be performing something I wrote... in front of people... who paid... money. I intend to wear black to avoid any pesky worries of tomato stains when the audience starts throwing the rotten veggies at the vegan onstage.

I have never read aloud, performed or otherwise 'done' my own material for an audience. Unless you count every poor soul I run into on any given day who I do my 'act' for 'an audience'. It's usually more of a one-on-one thing. I have no fears of being on stage - as long as someone else has put the words in my feeble little mouth. Doing my own stuff? Someone pass the xanax, and keep it coming!

Of course the point of all the blogging I do in its various incarnations is to actually voice my own opinions and stories and blather. But I'm alone in front of a toasty computer screen, usually in my jammies, with a bottomless coffee cup, a/k/a SAFE when I do it. This time, not so much. This time, real live people. AiiiiiiEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

My tendency towards self-deprecation makes it difficult to simply be excited at the prospect of telling one of my silly stories to people like this - that nagging "what if they hate me" voice just will NOT be quiet! The truth is there's a part of me, the part that's hiding out right now looking for a pillow and a blankie to go sleepies with (since that's what I do when I'm a-scairt) that really IS excited about this. Because this is a sort of meeting point of acting (which I love) and writing (which I love) and talking about myself (which, let's face it: I blog, you do the math). It's an opportunity to be a real-live storyteller. Which is what I'd love to be, so I should just be THRILLED! Instead I'm thrilled AND covering myself with nerves because I'm terrified of failure. And, of course, people throwing rotten fruit.

Despite that terror I'm actually advertising here! Hellllllll-llllloooooo crazy. Of course the show is on Mother's Day which allays my fears somewhat as I'm thinking that most of the people I know will not be able to attend *huge sigh of relief*. It's always easier for me with strangers. Though having friends in the audience is fabulous - if things go well. I'm conflicted. Shocking, isn't it?

Information on the show is below. If you're around, please come! Just leave the produce at home, would ya? Thanks.

SEE ME, HEAR ME: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
is back at the Magnet for a special Mother's Day show on Sunday, May 11 at 6:30pm featuring five original pieces all inspired by one image.
This month's show features:

Swaha Devi (Body & Soul, Alternative Medicine)
Michelle Fix (Off-Broadway, No Filter)
Joy Keaton (Off-Broadway, A Brief History of An Orphan)
Kate Tellers (Off-Broadway, Rag Hag: Songs from My Closet)
Brian Tunny (ESPN Magazine, managing editor DigBMX Magazine)

This Sunday!
The Magnet Theatre
254 West 29th Street
(Between 7th & 8th)
Reservations are recommended!
Call: 212-244-8824


whimsical brainpan said...

Oh wow what a tough thing to have to face! I have no doubt that you'll face it and kick ass though.

Break a leg!

Let us know how it goes.

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Oh, I think I may need to fly in for that! You'll charm them, I know.

Gary said...

Oh boy, I am looking forward to this! I know when it is all behind you, you will be gearing up to do it again. So proud (he says as he wipes a single tear away from his left eye).

See you then!

Bella said...

I know you'll knock 'em dead! The crowd is going to love you, and you're going to be fantastic.

Break a leg!!