Thursday, July 03, 2008

moving along

This morning's adventures include waiting for a new air-conditioner to arrive (delivery time between 9:15am and 12:15pm). I have not actually wanted to use the a/c much despite our recent heat wave here in NYC. It may be a by-product of the anemia (I'm just coool baby, coooool) or it may simply be my earnest desire to be back in Mexico relishing the heat (if I'm sweating I can pretend better).

Though I haven't wanted to use the air-conditioner, I have had no choice lately: Basil wanted it. It's tough, he's an older boy now and I think he feels the heat far more than he used to, he certainly feels it more than I do, and when my puppy starts panting the air-conditioner goes on, even if I have to wear a sweater.

Basil: JUMP!!!
Joy: How high?

Yeah, I'm whipped. Is that a shock to anyone who reads this blog? I doubt it.

The air-conditioner I have now is approximately 13 years old. Older than my overheated doggie! It has never worked fabulously because the layout of my apartment it is odd and I am pretty sure this ol' thing never had anything close to the power it needed to cool this place off. It's also not the most energy efficient machine going and my electric bills in the summer prove that all too well. So I finally broke down, did the research on the most efficient, Energy Star approved machines and how many btus I'd need for my square footage (does a hamster cage sized apartment actually qualify as having 'square footage'? It should probably be more like 'square inch-age'.) Even after all the research it took me another month to actually order the things. But I finally did and they are on their way here!

I opted to get two. I've only ever had one, in the living room. But since they were so inexpensive - I got two new air-conditioners for $150 LESS than I paid for the old one 13 years ago - I decided to go for it. I think it might be nice not to have to sleep on the couch when it's crazy hot just to be able to breathe. Plus this way Basil can go any where in the apartment and feel comfortable. See above: whipped.

Since the delivery came as I was in the middle of writing this I stopped and actually installed the bedroom a/c. The installation was quick - it was cleaning the window before installing it that was time consuming. Oy. They looked clean... who knew. Of course my bedroom has a gorgeous view and I'm surprised I didn't notice sooner that it was in any way obstructed by soot. I mean gosh, the brick wall across the air shaft that the window opens onto looked just fine to me!!

So the windows are clear (for today at least) and the new a/c is chilling the bedroom (at least I hope it is, I'm giving it a few minutes before I walk - hopefully - into a refrigerator-like room) and now I have to remove the old a/c in the livingroom, clean that window and install the larger of the two air-conditioners. Piece of cake.

I swear when I was lifting and carrying the newly installed gem in the bedroom all I could think was thank GOD for strength training! Honestly. It really is the best thing (aside from running). Not only does it help you tone and look better - it has a non-vanity aspect in that you can actually DO things. Like lifting a 60 lbs. + air conditioner into a window on your own. I'm always astounded by the fact that it really does make you stronger. I know, I'm slow... but I'm also a merry idiot who is ever-thrilled by something so seemingly trivial. And that's on a half-dose of anti-depressants!

I'm sure I'll be back with an update on the second a/c installation. It's impossible that all this will continue on as smoothly as it has so far.... smooth simply isn't funny. Which means somethin's gotta happen that I can turn into a goofy story. Keep yer fingers crossed for me!


Gary said...

Wow, excellent deal on the air conditioners. I am sure that in addition to the fact that it is cooler in the apartment you are also thrilled to be more energy efficient and 'green'.

Poor puppy - I hate to think of darling Basil as getting older. He is such a love (and so dramatic). I am sure that on some level his aches and pains are for the sympathy they generate. All to good effect. He's lucky to have such a wonderfully caring mom. Tell him I say hello and give a shout out to Nick while you are at it.

BetteJo said...

I hate using the air too - but my excuse is - I like real air. Period. So I hold off till the last minute and the cats don't complain. Thank God. Cause the minute they did - I'm sure I would be reacting just like you and your pup.

Bella said...

I can't believe you installed the a/c units yourself. Awesome! I hope you
and Basil are enjoying a much cooler, more energy efficient apartment.

Joy Keaton said...

Gary - Basil says 'hello' back... which is kind of interesting because he's, you know, a dog and English not so much his forte. Nick just bit me. 'nuff said. ;)

Bette Jo - I prefer the real air too, there is always that odd 'taste' to air-conditioned air. Sure you get used to it, and when it's 100+ and humid it's welcomed, but still....

Bella - oh honey, I'm the queen of DIY. Often to my own detriment - remember the bottleneck on the stairs with my couch? The second unit went in with little problem - getting the old one out was the trouble. I have wounds I tell ya, wounds!! :)