Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Making... like with my hands

For the past few months I have had little or no interest in talking to people, socializing or writing this blog. For someone who loves to run her mouth and loves words (the reading of and the writing of same) this loss of interest is just plain wack-o. Losing interest in things that you love or give you pleasure is, of course, a sign of Depression. However, when I was suicidal I wrote REAMS. Granted it was very boring, pity-party stuff, but reams of it nonetheless. I also yammered on and on to anyone who would listen. So this lack of interest in communication, whether spoken or written does not strike me as any sort of warning sign. Especially since my medication does seem to be kicking in again.

But despite my lack of wordy interest, I do feel the need for some sort of expression. Hello teaching myself the recorder? Yeah, that qualifies. But I have now found something else. Something that (HOPEFULLY) will prove not only rewarding creatively, but also monetarily (at least a little bit!)

I started an Etsy shop! Just like the clever, funny and crafty (as in crafts - not as in sneaky) Bette Jo I am making jewelry! Now granted mine is fun and cute, but it's not high fashion jewelry design like hers, but I would wear any of the pieces I've made. In fact I have been wearing some of the ones that have imperfections and that I wouldn't feel right about selling to someone but that work just fine for me.

So far I have only put up a couple for sale - it's a whole new world and it's taking me some time to navigate. But I'm making a couple of pieces a day so there will be more available soon.

Shameless self-promotion? You betcha.


whimsical brainpan said...

You go girl!

BetteJo said...

Holy cow! You gave no indication you were leaning toward something crafty! Or did I miss it?

Those Scrabble pieces are adorable and you've got your photography down and everything - I'm impressed! My photos still look pretty amateurish and that's a big deal.

It's fun to be creative - I never made a THING until I was over 40, and it's really cool to make something and find a market for it too.

Enjoy - and by all means - go for it!

... and thank you for the nice things you said about my jewelry. I have been very lax in making anything new lately. NEED to get back to it!

BetteJo said...

Oh, and I can TOO be sneaky! But only if given a reason. :)

Gary said...

I realize that everyone who makes jewelry thinks that theirs is unique and special but yours really is (are). I love these little gems. My biggest problem right now is deciding how many I want to buy to give as gifts. Thanks so much for taking that weight off my shoulders - now I have fantastic gift ideas for the girls/women on my Christmas list.

Gary said...


I just saw the amazing new sign language handshape alphabet tiles! They look so amazing and the colored background really adds a special touch. Well done my little artist friend.