Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I finally did it!

I have a tremendously addictive personality and it does me no favors in many areas of my life. One of those addictions that has come and gone my entire life is television. I can spend hours watching marathons of shows I've seen hundreds of times and then when it's done I realize how much time I've lost to a seriously mindless time-suck. It irks me!

My addiction to that moving picture box is such that for a time when I could not afford cable -- which you absolutely need to get any sort of reception in NYC -- I would watch ANYTHING. I lived in a huge apartment building in Brooklyn and there was a video camera aimed at the front doors. It was hooked up so that you could actually watch it on your tv, so you could see who was ringing your buzzer and such. People, I would alternate between watching that for hours and the two other stations that came in on my non-cable television. Those other stations being the Home Shopping Network and some local station that aired Ben Casey reruns at 3:00 a.m. (Insomnia has it's benefits, huh?) Needless to say I am now an expert on video survellience of the pizza deliveries to a certain building in Brooklyn, Technibond jewelry and Ben... Ben Casey.

I also have a wonderful friend who would video tape the one show I NEEDED and mail me 8 hour tapes full of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (but I only love it when Joel is on!) I still have those tapes. Thank you Sandy! When my boredom with my three channels overcame me I would pop in the videos and have them play endlessly in the background while I did other things. For some reason I could walk away from the show I wanted to see and was riveted to the others. Hmmm. It's like when you see a movie you love and want to watch and end up falling asleep but when it's something that you're hating you can't seem to look away. Or is that me?

Since living in Manhattan I have had cable. This has been so, so bad for me. Endless programming I have no interest in... and I cannot seem to look away. It's not quite as bad as my computer addiction which let me tell you, frightens me sometimes it's so bad, but it's bad.

So this morning I finally bit the bullet and cut my cable down to the absolute basics (so I get the news, um... you know the news). I'm so delighted with myself I can't express it. Of course when Battlestar Gallactica returns I'm going to be mighty upset, but that's what dvds are for, right?

Now if I could just stop playing online Canasta....


Bella said...

Good for you! Although I know that I probably couldn't ever give up my cable (I, too, spend way too many hours watching tv), I think it's wonderful that you did.

Glad you feel so good about your decision.

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Good for you, Joy. Having cable in SF with all it's hills is supposedly mandatory, but I've lived without it for nearly a decade but do now have a digital converter box which does add a few new channels. I only watch cable when I travel and realize how little I miss.

Also I have a couple hundred DVDs that I've added to my already obscenely too large collection but have yet to watch.

And then there all those episodes of Junk Thief TV...

Salty Miss Jill said...

Now that I'm back online in a reasonable fashion, I'm all about 5the blogs and youtube.
It's either that or drink, right? ;)
Oh, I love watching Robyn Byrd and Sandy Kane when I'm in your fair city...