Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A little Basil.... a little Nick

Very little time to spare, but I took a few minutes to throw this together because I needed to clear my camera's memory and because it made me laugh. Keep an eye on the upper right corner for Nick's cameo appearance. (and Basil's so-so imitation of tough guy Edward G. Robinson... we got the cookies, see... get outta town, see...)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm bleary-eyed exhausted and yet....

I still found time to make this little video. Because I didn't have to think up words, just had to look at the pretty pictures and click the mouse. I do love technology.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Hazards of Volunteerism

Many Thanks to lovely and hilarious Salty Miss Jill for sending* this amusing and important news story from the highly respected ONION. As I continue my volunteer book recording, I will heed the warning inherent in this story: Don't Drink and Read.

*Also many thanks my dear Jill for giving me a quick and easy blog post since I've been too swamped to come up with one on my own!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Day

The past few weeks I've been pretty much swamped, that's probably evident from the dearth of new postings here. My mind just ain't firing on all cylinders of late, which could make for some entertaining stream of consciousness posts, but the odds are against so I'll spare anyone who might wander in here and attempt to read.

Happily it looks like I might have a small reprieve from the busy-ness. Well. As of Tuesday, maybe. Then again things just keep popping up out of the blue so I don't want to jinx any free time that might be a-comin'.

Yesterday was a little less harried, but coming on the heels of weeks of crazy it still seemed like a lot.

First there was the new volunteer gig: recording books for the blind and Dyslexic at RFBD - a really nice organization that records all sorts of books for anyone who cannot access written material due to visual impairment, learning disabilities, what have you. I've always wanted to record books - since I was a teenager! I used to sit in the shade while my mother baked in a lounge chair getting her all-important tan, and read aloud to her. It was a way of sharing in her sun-worshiping ways without actually having to endure the sun. And of course being the happy go lucky child I was I was certain that one day I would not only lose my hearing but also my vision and so taught myself the ASL alphabet and braille. You know... just in case. So I was keyed into the spoken books for the blind way back then but had no clue how to get involved.

Thanks to NYCARES I found a way to do it! So yay!!

So the first part of my day was spent learning the ropes of recording books and then reading a real charmer called Of Woman Born. The subject matter, to say the least, was of interest to me, with my mother issues. And of course I got to start reading the chapter entitled Motherhood and Daughterhood. OH let me tell you: fun! ... oh the delights of reading THIS out loud! My director was cracking up and kept assuring me that most books were not quite so 'scandalous' as this one. I mean the part where the author (in first person) talks about seeing her mother naked in the bath is one thing, her father's 'dangling penis' was another, but I guess the best was her discussion of masturbation and how disappointed everyone was that she wasn't a boy. Each session you get a different book so the next book is sure to be a let down after this party! But it was such fun I can't wait to see what I get to read next week.

Then it was home to work on a proposal for a friend that is due: TOMORROW***. One of three projects that are due asap. AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Happily I do tend to work best under pressure, but I always hate it when it gets to that point.

After a couple of hours of that it was time to walk the delightful Mr. B who is typically full of fun, but last night he was GONZO! That dog was bouncing off the walls and a riot - but the trouble here was that I had to get downtown directly after his walk to attend a performance by the great and wonderful Comic Tales of Tragic Heartbreak that I had promised I would not miss (since my cranky hands caused me to miss the last show... talk about scandal!)

Getting Mr. B to go home was not easy. In my rush to pull all the nonsense of my life together and get out the door to walk him I had forgotten an essential tool of dogwalking: treats. I usually bring him baby carrots because he loves to eat like he's starving but has a tendency to put on weight and I do NOT want to be the cause of a doggie's weight problem. But I had totally forgotten and had no time to backtrack home to retrieve the yummies. So instead I took Mr. B to a local pet shop to pick up something treaty. Unfortunately the place was a mad house. They sell puppies. It's not good.

Normally I don't give this place my patronage because pet store puppies come from puppy mills and puppy mills are the worst kind of horror show. Only because of Mr. B's needs did I even consider going to this place. I know it made him happy to have the liver treats, but me? I feel a bit sullied that I gave this place $5. That'll teach me to forget the treats.

But then happy-happy because it was off to the subway downtown. Of course, not happy because of the subway... no. Let's face it, when you're being eyeballed by a shady character who is taking up 3 seats to himself because he needs to spread his legs like he's a ballet dancer - clearly the man's balls are enormous and need lots of airing out, poor thing he certainly needed all the space. That silly old woman with the heavy groceries didn't need to sit. HIS TESTICLES needed ROOM. Have I ever mentioned how irritated I get by this sort of outright rudeness in public? I'm thinking: yes. So I'll spare you hearing it again. The 'happy' was because I was going to see Comic Tales and that is always a happy occasion.

I'm even going to share a little bit of it with you here, because I know you want it. Almost as much as 'ball guy' was sure I wanted him. Lord help me.

See what you miss when you don't come to these shows? Of course those of you outside of the New York area have ample excuse, but even so...

And now that I've recounted yesterday I'm off to walk Mr. B and make sure he gets a little extra walk time to make up for my preoccupation with my nutty life yesterday. Good boy B!

*** Just found out that this deadline was extended a week! Oh yes, there is a God of Procrastination out there somewhere looking out for me!