Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Brief Visit to a Foreign Land: in reverse!

On the left you see the charming and sweet Miss Brittany who lives far, far away in a foreign land called the Upper West Side. This weekend little Brittany came to stay with me for a slumber party with Basil and the ever delightful Trixie (Miss X).

Basil and Trixie are old hands at the slumber parties and have developed their own dynamic - the addition of Brittany was very exciting for everyone (me included).

They all walked together and while their walking styles are vastly different they were accommodating to each other, waiting while one did some particularly intensive sniffing (what I like to think of as checking their doggie e-mail) and generally behaving like VERY good dogs.
I was extremely proud of all of them.

For Brittany this was a chance to explore entirely new turf and what Beagle doesn't enjoy checking out new scents? I think the little girl was in sensory overload. We walked for hours at a time and when it was time to sleep - it was time to sleep!
(On Basil's bed of course.)
But when it was time to walk - it was time to GO!... and time for Trixie to 'bust a move'!

One night I woke up with Basil on one side of me, passed out; Trixie on the other side, passed out; Nick the super confused kitty, on my head, passed out but no Brittany! I managed to get out of bed without disturbing the sleeping hoard and found little Brittany the night owl in the living room enjoying a midnight chew.
And isn't that how all slumber parties in distant lands should end? I think so.

Just FYI: I want everyone to know that both Trixie and Brittany were adopted through breed rescue organizations - if you are thinking about getting a dog and are want a specific breed, please PLEASE check the rescue organizations before you buy from a pet store. Thanks!


LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Great photos, video and story. Of course, I'm all about rescue dogs, even with the challenges that can come with them. If I'd not gone with a basenji, I could have easily fallen for a beagle which is in some ways an easier breed. However, even though I see their appeal as Bow and I walk by them barking and howling in the window I can see why I am probably better with a quieter breed in a crowded big city neighborhood.

Salty Miss Jill said...

awwww, indeed! You guys and gals have all the fun.

Miss X's Mom said...

I must say that Trixie, aka Miss X, is the best little girl. I was soooo lucky to be her foster mom and later have her adopt me. She's also adopted her Auntie Joy. Miss X always gets her way!