Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's been two years

Two years since I've been on a vacation. Which, naturally means, two years since I've seen Mexico. Two years of pulling up my old photos and videos, playing Mariachi music and pretending to practice my Spanish, while eating guacamole (like that will improve my accent).

Well, the wait is over. After much stress, saving, and deliberation which nearly drove me over the edge (I get very tense about making the perfect travel plans) I finally just went ahead and took the plunge. I made reservations and I'm going the second week in September.

Sadly I could not afford to go to see the lovely folks at Lafitte (formerly Capitan now Petit) where I spent my first three ridiculously amazing trips to Mexico. So I'm going to someplace new and untried.

I've already started packing... probably a little premature, but I'm kind of excited.

There is only one small problem now...

The bathing suit.

Oh yeah, everyone wants to see this pulchritude in a bikini, but that's not happening. No. Not until you earn it. That's that.

Truth is I have two swimsuits and they are barely used and I like them (shock!) the trouble with them is, get this (this is trouble?) I've lost weight. Not the ton I'd like to lose, that I struggle constantly to lose, but I've lost a good 10 lbs since I last had the opportunity to wear 'The Suit' and 10 is enough to make things, well.. let's just say less than 'safe' in the water. I SAID you'd have to earn it - there will be no oopsies with the girls in the pool. I mean, okay, should Alan Rickman somehow be in that pool with me, then an oopsie could happen. I mean it wouldn't be a premeditated, rouged nipple flash or anything like that (REALLY)... it just might happen. You know, with a vigorous backstroke or something... Oh shush, it could happen.

Vacation to Mexico isn't the only thing that's been on hold people. Cut me some slack, okay?

Friday, August 14, 2009

All Hail Qi Gong Tui-Na! or Wheeeeeee!

Last Friday I tried my first Qigong massage in hopes it would relieve me even momentarily of the weighty stress I carry around - even when there's no reason to be stressed. I wanted to post immediately about the experience but decided to be prudent. To wait and see how long the results lasted and to see how a second massage went, because as with Circus Peanuts, the first one might be awesome but the next could make you barf.

Good news: no barfing. I went for the second massage today and added a 40 minute foot reflexology just for the helluvit. First the results: I walked out feeling like I had taken three Xanax - I was that relaxed. NOTHING bothered me. Not the yakkity-yak of people on their cell phones on the bus, not the annoying rudeness of people looking one way and walking another - smack into me of course, and not the ever-present rocks that usually live in my shoulders and neck.

Second: the massage actually WORKED! Not only did I feel de-stressed that night but it lasted well into the next week. This is unheard of with me and massage and I had actually decided to go back for sure when the results lasted through 24 hours - which was more than I'd ever experienced from a massage. Not to mention the price. Far cheaper than any massage I've ever had. To say I'm astounded is understatement. I'm going back for the next two weeks as well - it's a huge indulgence (even though it's inexpensive) but I can't deny that it makes me feel really, really good so indulgence or not I'm doing it.

Friday, August 07, 2009

My new boyfriend

Our love is illegal in at least 14 states, but the heart wants what the heart wants as a famous nut job once said.

He lives on my block. He is MUCH younger than me. He has naturally curly hair, and is a natural redhead (how can curl-envying, bottle-readhead resist?)

He's pretty gorgeous, huh?

I have to admit despite my adoration of the canines, I've just never been a big fan of the poodles. I've known some really sweet poodle mixes, but not so much with the pure-poodles. No particular reason, they just never grabbed me. Until I met... well, let's call him "Henry" to protect his anonymity as he's such a hunk-a-hunk-a burnin' love that if I gave out his real name the women would be beating down his door. And he would love it. Only 8 months old and this boy is already working the ladies. As I have freely admitted in the past, I'm a sucker for the charming men. Even the four-legged kind. Especially the four-legged kind.

When a boy like this stares into your eyes and rests his head in your hands... well, I defy anyone to resist.

By the way, Basil knows about this and is cool with it so let's not have any 'you hussy' emails, okay. Thanks.

and Qi-Gong to you too!

My stress levels are high... all the time. I'm a stress machine. If someone figured out a way to power generators with stress I could solve the climate crises single-handedly. Alas, ain't happenin'. So instead of being productive my stress is killing me. I have shoulder knots that I've carried since childhood and they keep getting worse. I grind my teeth at night to such a degree that I have literally broken my front teeth. Thank GOD I have a great dentist who was able to repair them so you'd never know, but geez.... I mean I've even worn grooves into my night guard. Hello, clearly my affinity for Pitbulls has to do with the fact that I have a similar bite strength. Which is such an attractive attribute, no?

My dentist has actually given me stern 'talkings to' about doing something to relieve my stress levels. Which I DO try to do. I've tried boxing, I run, I do yoga, I take relaxing herbs at night, I spend my days with dogs fer cryin' out loud! My blood pressure is awesomely low (in a good way) but the tension in my neck, shoulders, back and god knows, my jaw is literally out of control.

I finally decided to try Qi-Gong Tui-Na massage since the western massages don't seem to do the trick. Sure they feel nice, but they never actually de-stress me. So today, after my last dog walk, I'm going to give it a shot.

Of course there's the stress of trying a new massage place. Seriously, I can find something to stress about even in the process of de-stressing! But damn... if I don't find something to chill me the hell out I think I'm going to tie myself into one great big knot until my head literally pops off.

And if the Qi-Gong Tui-Na works - even a little bit - I'll be singing its praises and hosanna-ing to the mountain tops. Which will probably cause me to stress out...