Friday, August 14, 2009

All Hail Qi Gong Tui-Na! or Wheeeeeee!

Last Friday I tried my first Qigong massage in hopes it would relieve me even momentarily of the weighty stress I carry around - even when there's no reason to be stressed. I wanted to post immediately about the experience but decided to be prudent. To wait and see how long the results lasted and to see how a second massage went, because as with Circus Peanuts, the first one might be awesome but the next could make you barf.

Good news: no barfing. I went for the second massage today and added a 40 minute foot reflexology just for the helluvit. First the results: I walked out feeling like I had taken three Xanax - I was that relaxed. NOTHING bothered me. Not the yakkity-yak of people on their cell phones on the bus, not the annoying rudeness of people looking one way and walking another - smack into me of course, and not the ever-present rocks that usually live in my shoulders and neck.

Second: the massage actually WORKED! Not only did I feel de-stressed that night but it lasted well into the next week. This is unheard of with me and massage and I had actually decided to go back for sure when the results lasted through 24 hours - which was more than I'd ever experienced from a massage. Not to mention the price. Far cheaper than any massage I've ever had. To say I'm astounded is understatement. I'm going back for the next two weeks as well - it's a huge indulgence (even though it's inexpensive) but I can't deny that it makes me feel really, really good so indulgence or not I'm doing it.

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