Sunday, September 06, 2009

My bag is packed, I'm ready to ... Adios

Considering how infrequently I've been posting it might seem odd to post a 'won't be posting this week' post. (And how many times CAN you put the word 'post' in one post?) But that's what this is.

I'm heading to Mexico this morning and won't even be looking at a computer for the next week. In fact I doubt I'll be doing anything other than reading, swimming, taking photos and nursing my stuffed up head.

Yup. Two days ago I got hit with an intense head cold... or maybe it's allergies. (yeah). I've been self-medicating homeopathically which has offered some relief, but at midnight last night I headed to the drugstore and got some good old-fashioned head clearing poison. Because you know what's worse than being stuffed up while you're stuffed in a plane? Um... being stuffed up in a plane that's LANDING.

I've had that ear splitting pain once before (Las Vegas to San Francisco - ungodly pain) and I have done everything and anything since then to avoid having it happen again. So I'm nasal-spraying and neti-potting, and decongestant-popping before I go anywhere near that airport. Then I have special ear plugs that help deflect some of the pressure. I go to great lengths to avoid the 'ouch'. It better work. If it doesn't I'm going to really annoy the kid sitting behind me kicking my seat by screaming blue murder during the landing.

How do I know there is a bratty kid in the seat behind me when I haven't even left the house yet? Because. I know these things. But I'll take that over the earache any day of the week.

Well. Almost any day.

If my head doesn't unstuff naturally at some point on this trip I'm going to be very, very unhappy. Because it will mean I can't smell anything. One of the things I love best about Mexico, and I'm sure this will sound strange, but it's the smell. Mexico, or at least the Yucatan, has a scent all its own, it's kind of a woody/earthy fresh smell. I'm sure it must be from some combination of indigenous trees and plants or something, and I know I sound like a dog who learned to speak English here, but it smells GOOD!


Speaking of which, the only bad thing about going to Mexico (aside from the nasty stuffiness) is that I'm leaving my puppy! I hate leaving Basil, and naturally he's been extra-super cute and amusing the past few days. That boy knows how to work me, it's terrible to be so whipped by your own dog. But his favorite auntie, Miss X's Mom is coming (with Miss X, of course) to stay with him and the demon-seed Nick. So I know he's in excellent hands (and paws)... but I'll still miss my boy! Doubtful whether he'll miss me. But that's okay, I'm sure he needs a break from me.

I will post (ah-ha! Got in another one!) tons of pictures when I return, hopefully rejuvenated by the scent of the air and the fresh guacamole, and perhaps, just perhaps, I'll start posting (!) more often.

So la, la, la I'm off to Mexico.

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Arielle Lee Bair said...

Have a safe and fun trip! :)