Tuesday, September 21, 2010

PSA: A Message for Teenagers

I began this blog to try, in however small a way, to be an example that you can overcome Depression and a strong desire for suicide and you can be really, truly happy. Sometimes I forget to put that message out there in straight language because I'm so busy just 'being'. But this morning I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts (hellloooo I love my obsessions!) and got a stark and very sad reminder that despite my ongoing recovery there are many, many people who are in that dark and horrible place where I once was and sometimes they don't get the kind of miracle lightbulb moment that I was supremely lucky to get.

A 15-year old boy in Indiana took his own life earlier this month. He was gay, he was bullied and sadly his despair won out. While I would normally never think I would have much in common with a 15-year old kid in Indiana it seems we did have something profound in common: hopelessness. I was lucky, I met someone whose story gave me the spark of hope I needed to finally take my medication and change my life. This boy was not so lucky.

Dan Savage, who if you have not heard of him, is a sex advice columnist; it was his podcast was I was listening to this morning, has started a youtube channel to help give other kids (and maybe adults too) that spark of hope that no matter how bleak and hopeless things are: they DO get better. The video and link to the channel is below. I hope if anyone reading this watches this video and feels they can contribute that they will do so. The ITGETSBETTERPROJECT channel is specifically geared to the LGBT community so I don't suppose my story would qualify, but if you're reading this and your story does, I hope you will make a video, submit it and spread the word. Because it really DOES get better, and sometimes when you're so deep in despair you just can't believe that - unless you hear it from someone who is living it.


Gary said...

This is powerful. High school with it's small minded clicks and "in" groups is such bullshit. It is a tragedy that young men and women are so beaten down by hate and prejudice that they see no other option than this.

Joy Keaton said...

I know, it's insane. And on a completely random note: our friend Zack just met Dan Savage today. It's a small world after all.